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Science outreach activities are a channel through which budding scientists get inspired to pursue a STEM career. Whether it is physics, chemistry, engineering, or biology, we at LEAP are passionate about and devoted to advocating for the fields we are in. Working with elementary and middle school kids, we participate in local science fairs and exhibitions, aiming to promote STEM education while also increasing public awareness and support. LEAP welcomes any form of collaboration and partnership with other organizations sharing the same goal in the community.

2023 Campus Science Demo

LEAP members Andres, Natalie, and Jesus showed off their pipetting skills in front of the 5th graders from Suva Elementary in Bell Gardens on Jun. 6th at a campus event.

2023 PUSD Science Fair

On April 22nd, LEAP participated in our first science fair. We put together colorful science chemistry demonstrations and showcased them to participating students and their families. Going forward, LEAP hopes to become more integrated with the Pasadena community by expanding our outreach activities.

2023 PUSD science fair group photo